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#BlackInMicroWeek 2020

Our Mission

  • Showcase the presence and accomplishments of Black microbiologists from around the globe.
  • Connect Black microbiologists with one another and foster a sense of community among them.
  • Provide a forum for the discussion of racial disparities in microbiology and its subfields.
  • Amplify Black scientists in all fields, acknowledge the contributions to their disciplines and support the collective work of pursuing equity in academe, industry, government, and beyond.
#BlackInMicroWeek 2020


Monday – 9/28

Disparities in STEM Education | #MyMicroStory

Tuesday – 9/29

Virology | #BlackInVirology

Wednesday – 9/30

Parisitology & Mycology | #BlackInParisitology #BlackInMycology

Thursday – 10/1

Microbiology Careers Day | #CareersInMicro

Friday – 10/2

Bacteriology | #BlackInBacteriology

Saturday – 10/3

Microbiome | #BlackInMicrobiome

Sunday – 10/4

#MicroRacism #BlackInMicrobiology


#BlackInMicroWeek 2020

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