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Black Microbiologists Association

Black In Micro Week returns September 27 – October 1!

Our Mission

  • Showcase the presence and accomplishments of Black microbiologists from around the globe.
  • Connect Black microbiologists with one another and foster a sense of community among them.
  • Provide a forum for the discussion of racial disparities in microbiology and its subfields.
  • Amplify Black scientists in all fields, acknowledge the contributions to their disciplines and support the collective work of pursuing equity in academe, industry, government, and beyond.
Black Microbiologists Association

The Black Microbiologists Association (BMA) was created in response to the sustained underrepresentation of Black people in microbiological education, training and research both here in the U.S. and globally. This exclusion leads to feelings of isolation, which are compounded by hostile training environments and racism faced in everyday life. Furthermore, Black expertise, voices, and perspectives are often devalued. As a result, cycles of marginalization and harm are perpetuated, which deprives our communities the benefits of scientific progress.

Our mission is to support the collective work of pursuing equity in academia, industry, government, and beyond through advocacy, professional development, science communication, and outreach. Specifically, we will advocate on the behalf of Black microbiologists in all spheres of professional life; transforming systems to ensure access to the tools and support necessary for success in their future careers. We also endeavor to become a reliable source of clear and accurate information that helps to strengthen scientific literacy within the general public, with particular attention being paid to historically marginalized communities. We are committed to sustained efforts that propel early career microbiologists to the next stages of their careers and  endeavor to create a culture where Black microbiologists are valued.

Through the activities of this organization, in partnership with allies in the academic and private sectors as well as other scientific organizations, we envision sustained, tangible progress toward equity for Black microbiologists in the scientific enterprise. This will be evident through: increased representation of Black microbiology professionals as leaders at institutions, journals, funding agencies and corporations; increased science literacy within the general public and parallel interest in the microbial sciences; and increased collaborative research efforts that center the needs and concerns of Black communities around the world.

Black In Microbiology is now also the Black Microbiologists Association.

This organization was established to continue the work we started in 2020 with #BlackInMicro Week — showcasing and amplifying the voices of Black microbiologists from around the globe. Our mission is to create a community where Black microbiologists can network across career stages and sectors while also supporting the collective work of pursuing equity in academe, industry, government, and beyond.

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